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About Me

My name is Serena,Since I was young I have always been interested in how to help and support people reach their potential. As a teenager this desire led me to coach children and after high school study Psychology at Twente University. During my master in Human Factors and Cognitive Engineering I became interested in using available technology to support people in their performance or enhance their experience. I am currently enrolled in the PDEng User System interaction at Eindhoven University of Technology where I further developed my skills in user-centered design, interaction design and User Experience (UX) while using my strong base in research, socio-technical systems and cognitive engineering to enhance my work.

I am passionate about designing and developing systems that support and enhance human performance in all possible settings. Therefore, I believe that good products or systems should be designed and developed with the cognitive and physical characteristics of the user in mind. I aim to incorporate (user) research and user-centered design in every product I deliver. I feel a system, service or product design becomes more powerful the moment design choices are based on concrete findings examined during user research or testing. Entering a creative process while keeping research findings in mind enables me to deliver products that do not only satisfy users, but also meet or exceed the client’s requirements. I would not be able to deliver these values in a project without good teamwork. By maintaining a pro-active attitude and staying true to myself while remaining professional, I am able to effectively communicate with clients, stakeholders and teammembers to reach our goals.

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My skills

User Centered Design
Involving the user in every phase of the project does not only save a lot of time and effort, but also provides many interesting insights that otherwise would have been missed. Tools I often use in user centered design are: interviews, participartory design, co-creation, persona's, customer journey mapping en usability testing.
Team Work
With a good team, I have found that almost anything is possible. In teamwork I focus on individual goals that members might have and make sure that everyone feels comfortable working and sharing experiences and thoughts. My background in psychology enables me to actively listen and provide the right environment for everyone to perform optimally.
One of my strenghts is to use research as a guideline for decisions I made during the design process. By using research in the creative process I raise the validity of my results. During the research phase I often work with usability testing, error handling, benchmarking, user testing, literature reviews and cognitive theories.
Requirements gathering
Getting a clear overview of all the requirements present in a project from all stakeholders is a challenging task. I aim to go beyond the requirements that are easily stated by all parties, and discover the requirements that can be less obvious, thereby adding value to the project.
Prototyping & Wireframing
A product or system has to be usable. Therefore I use tools such as paper prototyping (low-fi) and InVison, Marvel and Axxure/Balsamic (high-fi) to test and constantly iterate upon my designs. By involving user testing in each iteration I am able to deliver a well tested product/system.
Structured & Analytic
I work in a organized and structured way. This provides a steady base to explore and design from. All information is structured in a way that all team members have instant acces to it and my personal planning helps me set deadlines and find balance between work and personal matters. This enables me to work in a steady pace without peaks and deliver a stable and wel tested product/system.

My Hobbies

My ultimate hobby is sailing. I have been sailing since I was seven years old and enjoy spending my free days on the Dutch (and foreign) waters on a diverse range of types of sailing boats. While I can enjoy lounging on deck in the sun, I can also be found sailing the more sporty sailing boats. My personal motto is to aim to discover something new every day, what might explain my other hobbies: travelling, cooking and reading.

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My portfolio

At this moment I am working on an extensive portfolio which shows the goal, stakeholders, motives, used methodologies, results and conclusions for every project portrayed in my portfolio below. Unfortunately, this will take a bit more time to finalise. Please feel free to contact me for more information about the projects in the meantime. I would love to update you on these exiting projects!

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